The Pinto cat.


Hola mi amigos! You guys are the bestest readers in the multiverse! How was everyone’s thanksgiving? Mine was fantastic! (There was lots of pie)

So anyway, here’s a watercolor of my kitty cat, Pinto (Isn’t she adorable?!). This one only took a few hours to complete. I didn’t use any black paint with this one, instead I layered transparent colors until I got the dark I was looking for. I was originally hesitant to paint this because I thought it would be too difficult to make her look fluffy but once I started it was fun. Enjoy!


So I have a thing for apples.

Watercolor on paper, 11×14

Hey guys. How’s it going? Oh yeah? thats cool. Really? She did what?! Hey guys. Hey. Shut up a minute, I’ve got something important to tell you… Ok, you got me! It’s not important. But it is about apples and most people don’t hate apples.

Anyway I really like to paint apples. I think it’s because I’m lazy. They’re just round. Super simple. So here is one of many apple paintings I have laying around my house. It’s a watercolor. It took me about two hours to complete. I usually hate how backgrounds look but I really like how this one turned out. Enjoy!

Just keep going (completed)


Hello, dear friends. Please excuse my lack of communication for the last few days, I have been sick. *cough* Thank you for your sympathy. I’ll be fine. I just can’t breath threw my nose. I know, death would be better. *sneeze*

*sniff* Anyway, I braved my annoying illness today and I was able to sit up and hold a paint brush (I didn’t want to let you down, my dear, dear friends) *cough* So here’s the finished product of my earlier post Just keep going (a work in progress). I mostly used transparent watercolor but near the end I threw in some body color (or gauche) for highlights. I really like how it turned out. *sniff* But for now I must be off to bed, I shall overcome this wretched illness. It will not defeat me! *sneeze*

How much for that birdy in the window?

Watercolor and ink on paper, 11×14

What up friends!? Here is a painting of… A bird… Looking out a window. Mind blowing. This one painting has rendered all other art pointless. Your welcome.

Alright, settle down its just a joke… Or is it? Seriously though, this is a watercolor painting. I painted it while looking out my window. Enjoy!

Just keep going (a work in progress)

Watercolor on paper, 9×12

Hello, my increasingly attractive readers! This is my newest watercolor endeavor; ‘Just Keep Going’ featuring Dino, C3PO and Han Solo. There is some crazy stuff happening in this one. Poor C3PO! Why won’t Dino stop and help? And here we are just watching it unfold… That just got heavy.

Anyway, it’s about 85% finished. I need to go darker with the whole thing. (Sorry about the dark pic, it’s getting dark really early around here)

The almighty Television and junk.

Hello friends! Here is a drawing of my TV and junk. I know it’s super exciting but just calm down and I’ll give you some details. This is a colored pencil piece I did while sitting on my couch (obviously). I wanted to try out my new bristol pad (bristol is a card stock like drawing paper). As with all my colored pencil pieces I use odorless mineral spirits to blend the colors together and some times the paper doesn’t accept it very well. Bristol seems to work well. Anyway, this is a painting of my TV and junk

Darth McNugget.

Watercolor on paper, 9×12

Here it is! The moment you have been nervously anticipating for the last three days, Darth McNugget! He will rule the universe. You will fear him.
This is hot off the easel, and still damp. I am beginning to use black, where as before I would mix my own from greens and reds (what a snob). I’m enjoying the ease of just using the color straight out of the tube. Anyway this painting was pretty straight forward I started light and worked my way toward the darks. I didn’t have any tuff spots, it was a pretty easy painting… Watercolor is the bestest!

This is garbage.

Colored pencil on paper, 11×14

Hello wonderful people! Still no progress on McNugget Buddy, but here is a super sweet painting of my garbage bins! See this is way more awesome then some painting of a plastic chicken McNugget brandishing a light saber…

***stares dreamily into the distance***

Where was I? Oh yeah, garbage! This is the view from my backyard. I just wanted to be outside, so I sat on my stoop and drew this. Enjoy!

Green Eggs and Ham

Watercolor on paper, 12×16

I know you are all waiting with bated breath for the completion of McNugget Buddy (ha ha, we both know that’s a lie), but for now all I have is Dr Seuss and friends. I really enjoyed working on this piece, although I had to paint it twice.
I know some artists would rather stare at a Kinkade painting all day (or do some other very unpleasant thing) then paint the same thing twice. I don’t mind, practice makes perfect, right? Musicians have to play the same song dozens of times before they get it right so why shouldn’t visual artist do the same? The first time I attempted it in colored pencil, I just couldn’t get the colors right. I gave up on the pencils and re-started it with watercolor. It turned out alright, if I do say so myself.

Star Wars alien guy

Colored pencil on paper, 8×10


Hello again, my amazingly good looking readers and looky loos! *winkwink* This is a colored pencil piece of an obscure Star Wars character (I don’t know his name or what movie he was in and I’m too lazy to google it, so if you know, feel free to comment). There’s something very satisfying about painting something strange *alien* with something mundane *fruit*, (I’m sure there is a word for this but again with the laziness). So that’s why there is fruit… And stuff… And a little bit of junk… Um… That’s all I got, leave your super sweet comments below (pretend there is an arrow pointing down)