Gee-wilikers Batman!

Watercolor on paper, 14×18

Last year my husband and I wanted to be super heros for halloween. We decided on Batman and Robin because one of my favorite supporting characters in DC comics is Carrie Kelley as Robin. One of the few characters that has no skill or power but lots of spunk. She took on Superman. How sweet is that? My husband loves Batman. So I made our costumes out of felt and old tee-shirts.

This painting was based on a pic. I loved the light coming from behind us. I was originally going to make this a very realistic piece but that seemed to be taking forever. If something starts taking too long I usually get bored with it. This painting was sitting in my ‘closet-of-forgotten-paintings’ for some time before I decided that it wasn’t too bad and if I just threw in some ink outlines it would be finished. So here it is in all its finished glory!


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