Gamorrean Guard

Watercolor on paper, 8×10

If your not sure what a ‘Gamorrean guard’ is, its ok. Its not really a big deal. Maybe you haven’t seen Star Wars. Or maybe you haven’t seen it as many times as I have. I just like vintage toys. And I kind of like Star Wars. Not as much as StarTrek, but its ok. You might be asking yourself “If she loves Star Trek so much, why isn’t this a painting of a borg or Data or some other awesomely developed character?” Well, I don’t own any sweet Star Trek toys, but do have a bunch of Star Wars junk (for some unknown reason *cough*myhusbandisanerd*cough*).

Really this painting comes from boredom. I really wanted to paint something, anything. So I pillaged my husbands plastic wrapped, immaculately kept vintage figures. I have always like the Gamorrean guard (or as I call him ‘the pig dude’) so he was my go-to guy. I would usually take pics of the dude and then start a very pained and detailed drawing/study for a even more detailed painting, but I just needed to paint. So I did. I  left this painting as just the pig dude for about six months. I initially didn’t like it very much. The more I looked at the piece the more I liked it. Then yesterday I decided to throw in a background and here it is! Enjoy!


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