McNugget Buddy (a work in progress)

Watercolor in progress, 9x12
Watercolor in progress, 9×12. (Sorry about this pic, the colors are right but the resolution sucks.)

Ok awesome readers (you guys are the bestest!) here is my latest painting *slash* super sweet adventure. I don’t know if many of you remember McNugget Buddies. McDonalds put out a line of toys based on chicken mcnuggets. Weird, right? Heck yeah its weird but I loved them. I’m not sure what it was about them but I just thought they where so awesome.

Frankenstein McNugget Buddy
Frankenstein McNugget Buddy

I wish I had kept them but I foolishly sold my buddies along with most of my other toys when I was 12 (I was so short sighted, geeez I should have know I would need them 17 years later). So imagine my surprise to find an unopened McNugget Buddy! Its a pretty ridiculous toy and the expression on its face is even more ridiculous (I love the blue eye shadow). I thought it would be great if he had defeated somebody super sinister and terrifying like Darth Vader and steal his mask and light saber and RULE THE UNIVERSE. Yeah, that just happened.

I started this painting like I start most of my paintings, with a pretty detailed drawing (sorry no pics). I then transferred the drawing to watercolor paper and then I start the fun part, painting! I usually start with the most interesting part, which is usually the face, and work my way outward. It’s pretty much in the beginning stages right now but I should have it finished in a few days 🙂


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