Just keep going (completed)


Hello, dear friends. Please excuse my lack of communication for the last few days, I have been sick. *cough* Thank you for your sympathy. I’ll be fine. I just can’t breath threw my nose. I know, death would be better. *sneeze*

*sniff* Anyway, I braved my annoying illness today and I was able to sit up and hold a paint brush (I didn’t want to let you down, my dear, dear friends) *cough* So here’s the finished product of my earlier post Just keep going (a work in progress). I mostly used transparent watercolor but near the end I threw in some body color (or gauche) for highlights. I really like how it turned out. *sniff* But for now I must be off to bed, I shall overcome this wretched illness. It will not defeat me! *sneeze*


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