‘Food Pyramid’, in progress.


Hello my fabulous readers and lookers! I love you all (in a platonic, your my followers and I’m your blog writer, kind of way). I wanted to share a painting in progress with you guys and get your opinions. I started this watercolor painting a few weeks ago but haven’t had much time to work on it (stupid school). While still in the drawing process I decided to hand draw the letters but now that Its inked I’m wondering if I should have used a stencil. What do you guys think? Is it distracting that the letters aren’t perfect? Would you have noticed if I hadn’t said any thing? I’m also considering going bigger, this is 11inches x 14 inches, I was thinking of going to 18 inches x 24 inches (which is as large as I can stretch my paper right now), do you guys think it would have more impact it it were larger? I would love to have your thoughts on this, thanks!


Peas in a pod.


Holy cow! This painting took FOR-EV-ER. Well, it really didn’t take that long (stupid school). I just haven’t had any time to work on it (stupid school). But it’s finally finished. (Stupid school)

I was having issues with the support. I used an arches watercolor board, which are usually super awesome to use but this time the paper finish didn’t take the paint the way it’s supposed to, it’s hard to explain. Anyway I had to use body color (gauche) to get smooth washes on the background. Also I used a liquid frisket to mask off the white areas but the frisket was too old (sigh) so it wouldn’t come off. I had to scratch it off with a razor blade (lame) but despite all that I think it turned out just fine. Enjoy!!