The wild adventures of ghost rap. Or some thing about goblin p.

*insert clever title here* Watercolor on paper, 11in x 14in

Hey friends. Guess what?! Oh… You figured it out already, huh? Well La-Te-Da mr/mrs smart guy. Just because there is a pic of a finished painting and this happens to be an ‘art blog’ doesn’t mean I couldn’t be talking about something else like….. uh I don’t know…. politics? or some other important topic. Gosh! Ummm…. Well anyway I finished a painting yesterday. It’s most likely finished. I might have to make the background darker, but I really want to be finished with this piece. So, we’ll just go ahead and slap a figurative ‘finished’ sticker on this bad boy.

Alright on to my question for the bestest followers in the whole wide world- suggested titles? Most of the time I decide on a title during the painting process. This piece however, I’m drawing a blank. I keep calling it Ghost Rap (because that’s what it says next to the happy apple) but that seems pretty lame. I’m also considering Goblin P and U Can Dy (hehe). These titles (while hilarious/confusing) don’t convey any meaning or significance. So any help you guys can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks!


That dream within a dream…

That dream within a dream /Colored pencil on paper /8in x 10in

Hey guys. How’s it going? Yeah…. Really?! She said what!!?? Hey, hey, shut up a minute, I want to tell you about this painting. It’s a painting of my wedding day. I married wolverine while being really, really shiny. Just kidding. Although my husband is super cool like wolverine, he doesn’t have adamantium covered bones that project from his knuckles, however, I did get married in a shiny, yellow jump suit… Alright, alright you got me, it wasn’t very shiny…

Anyway, back to the painting, I put this painting together with the thought that it looked like Wolverine and April were getting married. I used colored pencil on Strathmore drawing paper for this piece. I really enjoy the vibrancy of colored pencils but I can’t seem to get a really crisp look with them. I may redo this piece (or a variation on this piece) with watercolor. I’m not going to define this painting or say exactly what it means to me because I want my super awesome/smart readers to find their own meaning in this piece (you should totally tell me what it means to you). Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always welcome!