That dream within a dream…

That dream within a dream /Colored pencil on paper /8in x 10in

Hey guys. How’s it going? Yeah…. Really?! She said what!!?? Hey, hey, shut up a minute, I want to tell you about this painting. It’s a painting of my wedding day. I married wolverine while being really, really shiny. Just kidding. Although my husband is super cool like wolverine, he doesn’t have adamantium covered bones that project from his knuckles, however, I did get married in a shiny, yellow jump suit… Alright, alright you got me, it wasn’t very shiny…

Anyway, back to the painting, I put this painting together with the thought that it looked like Wolverine and April were getting married. I used colored pencil on Strathmore drawing paper for this piece. I really enjoy the vibrancy of colored pencils but I can’t seem to get a really crisp look with them. I may redo this piece (or a variation on this piece) with watercolor. I’m not going to define this painting or say exactly what it means to me because I want my super awesome/smart readers to find their own meaning in this piece (you should totally tell me what it means to you). Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always welcome!



3 thoughts on “That dream within a dream…

  1. hitandrun1964 August 1, 2014 / 3:13 am

    She has that, “OMG what did I do!” look on her face. He seems like he doesn’t know where he is and would wander aimlessly, for his entire life, if she ever let go of his hand. The ABC blocks and the Jack-in-Box are his only possessions and he hasn’t grown up very much since he received both, on his 3rd birthday. He likes tights and the color blue. She’s wondering if his parents are still around, so she can drop him off at home and know that someone will take care of him and give him food. Her next idea is to get him a”helper” dog. He’s small…she can bench press him. He keeps asking for cereal and comic books. She keeps asking for help from the Universe. He keeps bumping into things because the slits in his mask, the ones for his eyes…are in the wrong place. She told him she has a mission for him (he likes missions). She is sending him to the moon to see if we ever really landed there. He’s leaving in a few hours. She’s glad.

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