Hello beautiful friends! Guess what!?!???!!! I finished my first semester of college (well, fist semester back to college, not that it haven’t ever been to college, but I just never finished…. You know what I mean) Yay!!!! My last projects for my two art classes were hit and miss. I made a stop motion video , which I’m super proud of, for my Art Practices class (you should totally check it out and let me know what you think).

And then a really terrible ink painting, for Drawing 101, which I’m not very proud of:

(Pretty bad, right?) Anyway for years I have been enviously reading the excited posts of students who have successfully completed a semester of college and now I am very proud to be writing my own excited post, huzzah!!!!!


Paper or plastic?

Alright so here I am, back in school. A lot of my friends said I shouldn’t. They said it would be boring. They said it would stifle my creativity. They where right. I should have listened to you guys. However, I still feel that having my degree is better then not having it.
So here’s one of my assignments from Art Practices (whatever that is). The object of the lesson was to use nontraditional materials to create a work of art. I decided to make a teddy bear out of plastic bags.
I used a regular sewing machine and a pattern to create this piece. I originally thought the plastic would be difficult to sew but it was surprisingly easy to work with. I didn’t make my own pattern firstly because I didn’t want to work that hard and secondly because who cares, it’s Art Practices (whatever that is). Really I waned it to look like a real teddy bear and not a poorly made teddy-bearish blob. What I like about this piece is that everybody seems to have their own idea of what it symbolizes. I am always hesitant to tack a meaning onto any of my work because I want the viewer to come to their own understanding (my viewers are always the smartest most awesome people in the whole world!). Um… Well anyway I can’t think of anything else to write… You guys are the best, thanks for stopping by!