That dream within a dream…

That dream within a dream /Colored pencil on paper /8in x 10in

Hey guys. How’s it going? Yeah…. Really?! She said what!!?? Hey, hey, shut up a minute, I want to tell you about this painting. It’s a painting of my wedding day. I married wolverine while being really, really shiny. Just kidding. Although my husband is super cool like wolverine, he doesn’t have adamantium covered bones that project from his knuckles, however, I did get married in a shiny, yellow jump suit… Alright, alright you got me, it wasn’t very shiny…

Anyway, back to the painting, I put this painting together with the thought that it looked like Wolverine and April were getting married. I used colored pencil on Strathmore drawing paper for this piece. I really enjoy the vibrancy of colored pencils but I can’t seem to get a really crisp look with them. I may redo this piece (or a variation on this piece) with watercolor. I’m not going to define this painting or say exactly what it means to me because I want my super awesome/smart readers to find their own meaning in this piece (you should totally tell me what it means to you). Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always welcome!



Look7in7: I H8 U


This is day 3 of Create7in7 (I explained what this is here) I was messing around all day yesterday not doing anything (it was saturday, after all) until around eight O’clock when I suddenly had a flash on inspiration. I should start a series of work I have dubbed, ‘Jar Jar must die’. (your welcome)
I had bought the Jar Jar figure a couple weeks ago with the intention of having other toys kill, maim, and torture him. I really hate Jar Jar. So last night I decided to start the ‘Jar Jar must die’ series of paintings off with this one. Admittedly this isn’t my best work and the colored pencils were unusually messy but I think I got my point across. I really don’t like Jar Jar. I may revise this piece, redo it larger or in watercolor. I haven’t decided yet, but I really like the alphabet magnets. I think they’re my favorite part.

Look7in7: Fruit and junk.


So remember yesterday when I said I didn’t want to paint something lame like fruit… well I painted fruit. Mmmmm…. those words taste good… I tried to paint something cool, but I just couldn’t finish it *sadface* This is as far as I got-


So anyway I think the Ninja Turtle watercolor painting will be pretty awesome once its finished. I just realized that I was rushing it when I really didn’t have to. The 7in7 thing is cool but not cool enough to ruin a painting I have been planning for a month.
Which leads me to ‘fruit and junk’. At about 10 last night I had the above realization and decided to do something significantly easier, a still life in colored pencil. So I went to my fridge and fruit bowl grabbed some fruit and veggies and arranged them in a semi-pleasing manner and half an hour later I was finished with Look7in7 day two.

Look7in7: January, 1984


Hey guys!! I (for some crazy reason) elected to participate in Create7in7. It’s a challenge for artists of all types (music, writing, and visual) to create seven original, complete pieces of art in seven days.
Now, I could go the easy way out and do some still life drawing/paintings that only take a couple of hours from start to finish, (I will probably do this Monday-Wednesday) but I really wanted to create pieces that I could add to my Toy/Imagination series of paintings.
To that end I decided to do another painting of ‘Peas in a pod.‘ (in colored pencil this time). I wanted it to be more colorful and creative (and larger, the original was just 8inx10in this one is 12inx16in) this time around so I threw in some symbolism. It took about 8 hours from start to finish. The peas could have used some more contrast, but for the most part, I really like how it turned out. Enjoy!

The process.

Hello friends! I thought I would show my process from drawing to painting (because your sooooo interested).

I start with a picture. I know, I know ‘real’ artists don’t use photographs. Blah, blah, blah… I use pictures. I hate only being able to paint certain times of day. I’m a very literal painter. I paint what I see and if the light is continually shifting I will continually be changing my painting to match what I see. Its a mess, hence the picture. This is a photograph of a magnet my Grandmother had on her fridge for as long as I can remember. The background is wrapping paper (way cute, right?).


Next I decide what size I want it to be. In this case I had an 8inx10in watercolor board so I chose to use it. In a sketchbook I draw 8×10 rectangle and begin my drawing. (I decided not to show my drawing process just because I don’t have a formula I just draw) I don’t spend a whole lot of time on the drawing. I just want to get the proportions right.

The Drawing.

Now is the part I hate, tracing. I do the drawing on a different paper then my painting because I erase A LOT. Even with the softest eraser I damage the surface so I find its easier and cleaner to trace and transfer. Also my drawings are more accurate if I shade instead of just a line drawing. I look at the tracing as a second drawing. While tracing I flesh out the drawing a little more and add more details. This step really helps me become familiar with the subject. So here is the tracing. (Its hard to see but it is a tracing)

The Tracing.

Now the step I really, really hate, transfering. I find this the most tedious step by far. I used to use markers or pens to trace with but I found that the lines they transfer are much to dark and very hard to erase. So now I use a colored pencil.

Transferring w/Colored Pencil.

Ok so now the sucky part is over! Here is the transferred drawing on the watercolor board. (its pretty light because my transfer paper is old)

The Transfer.

Its almost time for the painting!! But first I need to mask off all the hight lights. I use the masquepen mask. I used to use the Incredible mask but i could never get it fine enough. I love the masquepen because the applicator is 5mm, the only thing I don’t like about it is that it doesn’t always come off cleanly. I never had this issue with the Incredible mask but I feel its an ok trade off.


Now the fun part! Painting!! I do a color swatch to figure out which colors to use for this piece. I decided on phthalo blue, phthalo green yellow shade, phthalo green blue shade, yellow green, cobalt teal, Indian yellow, azo yellow, quinacridone violet and quinacridone red. Then I start painting!!

Color Swatch.
The Painting!
Painting Detail.

This is as far as I got today. I hope this was helpful!

Orange Blossom


Hey wonderful readers! Blah blah blah [insert joke here], here’s a watercolor painting. (I’m not feeling particularly loquacious)

I’m not sure how I feel about this one. I think it should go darker but the paper won’t take any more paint, its looking tired (if you don’t know what I mean by ‘tired’ its hard to explain, the paper just starts to look worn). I blame the turquoise I used for the dinosaur. It has this spotty texture that I hate. I’m just done with it. I even tried to break up the texture with colored pencil. Oh well, I can’t win them all. (Geeez, I sound like Charlie Brown)




Fun with colored pencil!


Hey guys! I can’t think of anything interesting/clever to say… So here’s some fruit! Super cool, huh? Haha, not really. Sometimes I just want to paint without worrying about the details. When I’m feeling this way, I paint fruit.

This piece was painted with colored pencil and outlined in pin and ink. It took about an hour from start to finish (I used the technique I spoke about in Gnomes). Enjoy!



Hello, friends! I’m so glad you took a moment to gawk at my gnomes. I know, who would spend any amount of time painting gnomes? What a weirdo… Anyway, gnomes remind me of Christmas (Santa Clause is a gnome when he’s not on Christmas duty, right?). So in honor of the holiday season here are a bunch of gnomes.

This is a colored pencil piece. It took a few days to accomplish. I really enjoy colored pencils. They are incredibly easy to blind especially if you use a solvent to blend them. Using the solvent really gives colored pencil a more painterly effect. If you haven’t tried this technique, you really should. I use stif paintbrushes to blind the colors but you could use q-tips. As for the solvent I use odorless mineral spirits. This technique works with any wax-based colored pencil (I mostly use Prismacolor, they’re not the best but certainly not the worst). Go on, give it a shot! I know you want to.

The almighty Television and junk.

Hello friends! Here is a drawing of my TV and junk. I know it’s super exciting but just calm down and I’ll give you some details. This is a colored pencil piece I did while sitting on my couch (obviously). I wanted to try out my new bristol pad (bristol is a card stock like drawing paper). As with all my colored pencil pieces I use odorless mineral spirits to blend the colors together and some times the paper doesn’t accept it very well. Bristol seems to work well. Anyway, this is a painting of my TV and junk

Attack of the mild-mannered brontosaurus!

Colored pencil on paper, 11×14

I love the possibilities of this piece. It makes me feel like a kid again! How awesome would it be if this actually happened? Kinda scary but mostly awesome!
In reality this is a still life of a brontosaurus stuffed animal and the view from my front window. I used colored pencils for this, although watercolor would have been faster and easier (but I was too lazy to stretch paper, in retrospect it would have taken less time had I just stretched paper…)