Hello beautiful friends! Guess what!?!???!!! I finished my first semester of college (well, fist semester back to college, not that it haven’t ever been to college, but I just never finished…. You know what I mean) Yay!!!! My last projects for my two art classes were hit and miss. I made a stop motion video , which I’m super proud of, for my Art Practices class (you should totally check it out and let me know what you think).

And then a really terrible ink painting, for Drawing 101, which I’m not very proud of:

(Pretty bad, right?) Anyway for years I have been enviously reading the excited posts of students who have successfully completed a semester of college and now I am very proud to be writing my own excited post, huzzah!!!!!


‘Food Pyramid’, in progress.


Hello my fabulous readers and lookers! I love you all (in a platonic, your my followers and I’m your blog writer, kind of way). I wanted to share a painting in progress with you guys and get your opinions. I started this watercolor painting a few weeks ago but haven’t had much time to work on it (stupid school). While still in the drawing process I decided to hand draw the letters but now that Its inked I’m wondering if I should have used a stencil. What do you guys think? Is it distracting that the letters aren’t perfect? Would you have noticed if I hadn’t said any thing? I’m also considering going bigger, this is 11inches x 14 inches, I was thinking of going to 18 inches x 24 inches (which is as large as I can stretch my paper right now), do you guys think it would have more impact it it were larger? I would love to have your thoughts on this, thanks!

Lets play!

Watercolor on paper 11×14

When we where young we could imagine anything. We could turn a coffee table into a mystical land and have crazy adventures. I miss that. I wish to convey a feeling of childhood, a feeling of infinite possibilities with this painting (I just rolled my eyes at myself). That being said I am about 80% finished with this piece. I am very pleased with the way its coming out. Hopefully it will be finished tomorrow!

Monster Truck

Watercolor on paper 11×14

Monster Truck is this super sweet graphic novel I found while comic book shopping with my husband (what a nerd). Its way cool. Monster Truck is very reminiscent of a child playing with toys and I love playing with toys (I’m such a weirdo). In fact, that is what most of my paintings are inspired by.

I wasn’t planning on using the book as a background but I just happened to have it on hand and Boom! I love it. Its confusing and layered and can have lots of symbolic meaning (for people that are into that kind of thing). I am very pleased with the way this piece is turning out. Hopefully I wont screw it up but I cant make any promises.

Gamorrean Guard

Watercolor on paper, 8×10

If your not sure what a ‘Gamorrean guard’ is, its ok. Its not really a big deal. Maybe you haven’t seen Star Wars. Or maybe you haven’t seen it as many times as I have. I just like vintage toys. And I kind of like Star Wars. Not as much as StarTrek, but its ok. You might be asking yourself “If she loves Star Trek so much, why isn’t this a painting of a borg or Data or some other awesomely developed character?” Well, I don’t own any sweet Star Trek toys, but do have a bunch of Star Wars junk (for some unknown reason *cough*myhusbandisanerd*cough*).

Really this painting comes from boredom. I really wanted to paint something, anything. So I pillaged my husbands plastic wrapped, immaculately kept vintage figures. I have always like the Gamorrean guard (or as I call him ‘the pig dude’) so he was my go-to guy. I would usually take pics of the dude and then start a very pained and detailed drawing/study for a even more detailed painting, but I just needed to paint. So I did. I  left this painting as just the pig dude for about six months. I initially didn’t like it very much. The more I looked at the piece the more I liked it. Then yesterday I decided to throw in a background and here it is! Enjoy!

Gee-wilikers Batman!

Watercolor on paper, 14×18

Last year my husband and I wanted to be super heros for halloween. We decided on Batman and Robin because one of my favorite supporting characters in DC comics is Carrie Kelley as Robin. One of the few characters that has no skill or power but lots of spunk. She took on Superman. How sweet is that? My husband loves Batman. So I made our costumes out of felt and old tee-shirts.

This painting was based on a pic. I loved the light coming from behind us. I was originally going to make this a very realistic piece but that seemed to be taking forever. If something starts taking too long I usually get bored with it. This painting was sitting in my ‘closet-of-forgotten-paintings’ for some time before I decided that it wasn’t too bad and if I just threw in some ink outlines it would be finished. So here it is in all its finished glory!