Look7in7: Meow, Meow.


Heck yeah! Day 5 of Create7in7 is done!!! I decided to try oil again, after the semi-success of my last painting. This time, however, I painted all of the background image with acrylic, and the foreground in oil. I have been doing a similar technique with some of my other paintings, Heart of gold, and Peas in a pod, painting the background in goauch and the foreground in transparent watercolor. The subject matter (just incase your not familiar with the little known show of ‘The Simpsons’) is either Kang or Kodos (I can’t tell which one it is) Anyway thanks for stopping by, and keep an eye out for Look7in7 day 6!
Oh! I wanted to share the progress of my last painting with you wonderful followers! Here it is,

I’m new to oil so let me know what you think, any advice is welcome!


Treehouse of Horror

Watercolor on paper, 9×12

Just like The Plow King, this started as a watercolor pencil piece. I gave up on it about a year and a half ago. I have been trying to make myself finish it for about a month now. Today I just sat down with a mug of coffee and finished it. I like it. I could have gone a little darker with it but its alright.

The Plow King

Watercolor on board, 8×10

I enjoy The Simpsons. I enjoy painting. So why not?

I started this piece probably a year ago. The original purpose of this painting was to try out some watercolor pencils I had purchased. The pencils sucked. Not because they where low quality but because they suck. I’m just not a big fan of watercolor pencils. What’s the point? Just use watercolor or colored pencils. Anyway here is the finished piece. Enjoy!