That dream within a dream…

That dream within a dream /Colored pencil on paper /8in x 10in

Hey guys. How’s it going? Yeah…. Really?! She said what!!?? Hey, hey, shut up a minute, I want to tell you about this painting. It’s a painting of my wedding day. I married wolverine while being really, really shiny. Just kidding. Although my husband is super cool like wolverine, he doesn’t have adamantium covered bones that project from his knuckles, however, I did get married in a shiny, yellow jump suit… Alright, alright you got me, it wasn’t very shiny…

Anyway, back to the painting, I put this painting together with the thought that it looked like Wolverine and April were getting married. I used colored pencil on Strathmore drawing paper for this piece. I really enjoy the vibrancy of colored pencils but I can’t seem to get a really crisp look with them. I may redo this piece (or a variation on this piece) with watercolor. I’m not going to define this painting or say exactly what it means to me because I want my super awesome/smart readers to find their own meaning in this piece (you should totally tell me what it means to you). Thanks for stopping by! Comments are always welcome!



Monster Truck

Watercolor on paper 11×14

Monster Truck is this super sweet graphic novel I found while comic book shopping with my husband (what a nerd). Its way cool. Monster Truck is very reminiscent of a child playing with toys and I love playing with toys (I’m such a weirdo). In fact, that is what most of my paintings are inspired by.

I wasn’t planning on using the book as a background but I just happened to have it on hand and Boom! I love it. Its confusing and layered and can have lots of symbolic meaning (for people that are into that kind of thing). I am very pleased with the way this piece is turning out. Hopefully I wont screw it up but I cant make any promises.